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Tax Preparation

The end of the year is approaching. Will you be prepared when it's time to file your taxes? Now is the time to gather all your documents together. In January, make sure you receive all the necessary tax documents you plan to receive (ie 1099, 1098s, w2s) before filing. There are many deductions you may be able to take advantage of so let us help you maximize your refund. If you want a checklist, contact us, we can help you get read

If you own a small business, just bring in your invoices, receipts and income so we can prepare your Profit and Loss Statement. We will then use that information to prepare your return.

Don't forget you have the option of having your tax preparation fee deducted from your refund check. You don't have to worry about any up front tax preparer expenses, unless you have a prior obligation with the IRS. 

No checking account, no problem! The Western Union MoneyWise Prepaid MasterCard is a simple option to choose that provides a fast, free and seamless way for you receive your tax refund. You will receive your tax refund as quickly as direct deposit and the money is deposited directly onto the prepaid card with NO additional charge.

So how will you spend your tax refund? Planning for your future is very important. We can also educate you about vehicles that will help you secure your future. Ask for an appointment to receive your complimentary Financial Needs Analysis.

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