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CINCINNATI HEALING ARTS: Family Chiropractic Wellness

I am Dr. Jamila K. Maddox, D.C. a Chiropractic Physician. I was born in Cincinnati and nurtured in North America, Europe and Africa and I am passionate about Health & Wellness. My Vision is – Healthier People Create a Healthier Planet! The opportunity to help Greater Cincinnati families improve their health and health care decisions are two of my greatest joys. Functional Wellness is the synergy of Chiropractic, Nutrition, Exercise, Meditation and Massage and is the foundation of our approach to addressing root causes that rob you of optimum health. I become a Detective and partner with you to identify the causes of your ailments and imbalances. I use this information to develop an individualized Care Plan called a Wellness Script to help restore your health, function and wellbeing. Our Functional Wellness paradigm teaches you how to comprehensively improve your health by – Eating Well, Moving Well and Thinking Well 365!
Understanding Chiropractic and Wellness can inform your health care decisions. Chiropractic is defined as the healing science that corrects the Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC). Its practice helps eliminate spinal problems so the body can function more effectively and with appropriate health routines, allows a person to retain optimum health. Wellness can be defined as the quality or state of being healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Our North Avondale office is located 5 minutes from North Avondale School. Visit us at for more information about our practice or to schedule an appointment. You can also follow us on Facebook at Cincinnatihealingarts/facebook for updates and events!

A little Chiropractic History: The photograph to the left shows the first chiropractic adjustment. Mr. Harvey Lillard the patient was deaf and owned a janitorial service in the building where Dr. D. D. Palmer worked. After sharing a joke Dr. Palmer playfully hit Mr. Lillard on his back while they were laughing. Mr. Lillard returned the next day saying he could hear a little and told Dr. Palmer to do more of what-ever he did yesterday. This was the birth of Chiropractic! After a series of ongoing adjustments Mr. Lillard’s hearing was restored! Our nervous system runs throughout our body and any interference may results in the improper function of a gland, organ, muscle, or tissues controlled by those nerves. Functional Wellness provides a comprehensive pain/drug free approach to improve your health and the health of the ones you love. Contact us if you want to address any health issues such as – allergies, inflammation, improved function, nutritional support, personal injury or workers compensation.


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