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                                      AND INDIVIDUALS ACHIEVE FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

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We offer a monthly retainer plan at reduced rates.  This is ideal for clients who would like to reserve a block of time each month.  Our rates for our services varies depending on the complexity of the work and payment is due by the 15th day of the month in which the work is being done.  Any additional services that are requested will be extra.  

If you are only in need of our services for a short period of time, then our company is ideal for you.  We can reach an agreement where you won't be locked into a long term contract.  A deposit is required in advance.  This is detailed in the contract that must be completed and signed before any work will begin.

Our rates do not include postage, shipping and any supplies that are related to a project.

A contract must be completed and signed prior to any work being performed by McGrew and Associates.
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