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Outsourced Paralegal Services.....

Services for an attorney using Outsourced Paralegal Services

  • Attend initial conference with attorney and client
  • Review and organize client files
  • Draft correspondence and pleadings
  • Draft demand to present for settlement
  • Interview client to gather facts and background information
  • Draft discovery requests and responses
  • Investigative services
  • Site inspections and photography
  • Prepare deposition summaries
  • Prepare medical summaries and chronologies
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Conduct legal research and Internet research
  • Locate and interview witnesses
  • Conduct records search
  • Document retrieval and filing in court
  • Assist in preparing witnesses for trial
  • Arrange for blow-ups and visual aids
  • Attend and assist at trial
  • Set up and organize filing systems, diary/calendar systems and time sheets
  • Review and analysis of medical records
  • Obtain/analyze police reports, ambulance reports, traffic light/engineering reports, weather reports and other public records
  • Interview eyewitnesses, obtain their statements and draft notary ready affidavits
  • Notary Public
  • Bates stamp, organize, and summarize medical records;
  • Research medical issues, obtain medical journal articles, and draft informational reports
  • Provide legal memoranda and case summaries
  • Deposition Reviews, summaries
  • Document preparation, transcription, revision
  • Administrative support
Legal Assisting

Paralegals generally work side-by-side with attorneys, judges, prosecutors, or public defenders. They assist with research, preparation and analysis of documents, client and witness interview and investigation. Many paralegals are joining a growing trend, working independently or outsourcing.

Legal Research*Witness Interviews*Pleadings*Investigative Services*and more

Document Preparation

More than ever before, people are filing actions for divorce, bankruptcy, wills, adoptions, immigration, name changes, and more. As an independent paralegal, Outsourced Paralegal Services can help fill the gaps in services by typing the basic forms. We charge fees the public can afford.

How does hiring a freelance bankruptcy paralegal benefit a new
attorney who is currently operating as a solo practitioner?

For those attorneys who are branching out on their own, the time and cost involved in recruiting and then training a full time employee can take away from your efforts to grow your firm. The stress involved in making sure your employee arrives on time and perform the tasks needed can also be time consuming and costly. Full time salaries require you, the employer, to pay taxes on that salary, and most likely health benefits, unemployment insurance and workers compensation. All of these issues can strip a new firm of precious resources. By hiring a freelance paralegal you increase your firm’s productivity and potential revenue by concentrating your time on obtaining clients and increasing your billable hours.

Services for lay customers using Outsourced Paralegal Services

Legal document preparation
Notary Public
Attorney referral 

Advantages for lay customers using Outsourced Paralegal Services

                                                                 Low fees

Legal documents are professional, accurate, and filed and accepted by the court the first time

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